MT-201 egg boiling and shelling production line

MT-201 egg boiling and shelling production line is our Min Tai company independent research and development product, the production line set of automatic optical inspection, cleaning, eggs, boiling, boiling, cooling, peeling, picking, automatic counting, cooking, drying and other functions, is currently the most advanced technology, supporting the most complete, the most mature white egg processing production line.


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a) visual touch screen control operating system, intuitive operation, convenient;
b) continuous assembly line production, fewer staff, high production efficiency;
c) a unique centering pre-cooking system to improve the yolk eccentric;
d) steam water heating system, lower energy consumption, high heating efficiency;
e) food grade stainless steel production, safety and health;
1) egg cleaning system
a) artificial eggs will be placed in the whole egg on the conveyor belt, with vacuum egg lifter egg will be delivered on the conveyor roller, the empty egg tray can be automatically stacked;
b) the use of light and transmission system, the eggs were transmitted, can be detected broken eggs, impurity eggs, crack eggs and other eggs;
c) through the electronic weighing system, according to the weight of raw eggs in the removal of large and small eggs, egg products to ensure that the finished product Balanced;
d) water spray, eggs in the transmission process while ensuring the rotation, and brush washing the eggs in all directions;
2) egg products boiled system:
a) clean the eggs after the split, evenly arranged in the distribution of the rod, and transported to the centering tank;
b) egg pre-cooking centering, a unique centering pre-cooking system, the use of warm water temperature slowly, and the eggs in the process of transport while maintaining rotation, the preheating, so that the center of the yolk bias position, thereby improving the yolk eccentric Situation, improve the quality of eggs;
c) pre-set boiled egg time and temperature, the use of steam, water mixed heating method, the pre-boiled egg products for the second boiled;
d) egg after cooking into the cold water tank to cooling, the use of direct cooling water, no need high-power refrigeration unit;
3)egg shell system:
a) the cooled eggs will send to processing breaking shell and peeling;
b) the egg after water spray and the rotation of the shell residue in water transportation, washed away the surface of the visual inspection to adhere to the surface is not out of the shell residue or incomplete egg, by artificial removal;
c) the shell produced unified collection delivery, centralized treatment;
4) egg products brine system:
a) the process of baking eggs can be even flip, to avoid the accumulation of eggs and prevent white spots, with automatic temperature control and automatic replenishment of brine system;
b) indirect heating of steam air drying to remove some of the eggs in the water, dried eggs can be directly after the vacuum packaging;
c) dried eggs after cooling to the appropriate temperature, convenient vacuum packaging;

3、technical parameters
Model: MT-201
Power: 28kw
Capacity: 20000 eggs/hour
4、suitable for: hen boiled eggs, spiced corned eggs, iron eggs, salt baked eggs




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